Fasting of mink kits fed different feed rations and its effect on liver fat content, plasma metabolites and enzymes

Earlier investigations have shown, that mink fed on a low protein diet in the furring period, tend to develop a fatty liver and increased mortality may be observed (Damgaard et al., 1994; 1998a & 1998b). Shavila et al. (1994 & 1996) likewise found that liver fat, plasma metabolites and enzymes in ferrets were influenced by feed composition. Further Biourge et al (1994b) found that the response to fasting, in liver fat content and plasma metabolites were dependent on the prior feeding history of cats. An increased fasting period also results in increased liver fat in mink (Clausen, 1992) and cats (Biourge et al, 1994a). This investigation was carried out to test the following hypothesis:
– Fasting results in metabolic adjustments, leading to fatty liver.
-The period from onset of fasting and until the appearance of these changes, will be related to the pervious feeding history.