Feed with different energy distribution to mink kits from July to mid September

Investigations on the energy distribution in the feed for mink kits in the whole growing furring period has shown that 24 – 29 % of the metabolizable energy from protein (ME) results in the longest skins, whereas 29 – 34 ME from protein gives the best skin quality. Later it has been shown that a reduction in ME from 29 to 24 in middle September gives skins with the same length and quality as 29 ME from protein in the whole growing period, no matter if the energy from protein is replaced by carbohydrate or fat energy. (Clausen et al., 2006; Hejlesen & Clausen, 1999; Hejlesen & Clausen, 2000; Hejlesen & Clausen, 2001). The main purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the effect of energy distribution on kit growth in July. The feeding was continued to observe any long term consequences of the different trial feed.