Squid Hydrolysate; a Potential Replacement for Fish Meal and Phosphoric Acid/Sodium Bisulfate in Mink Feed

New feed resources that benefit the mink industry are in short supply, particularly sources of aquatic proteins. Squid hydrolysate is a product that is fully predigested, but not denatured, and offers a maximum conversion rate into animal growth and development. The proprietary enzymatic digestion of squid (Loligo pealei) mimics natural digestion and is the most gentle of all fish by-product producing methods, superior to fermenting or high-heat drying processes. The hydrolysate is shelf stabilized with approximately 3% phosphoric acid (weight/weight) to a pH of 3.0 at which no pathogens can survive. Even when pathogens are introduced to the product, they expire within 72 hours.